Firstly, Welcome to our channel!

About US:
Discovering underground artistes and their styles of music. We discuss production quality, lyricism and musical arrangement.

For the Most Part our podcast, start off with two cousins Kemi Ible, Adriel Shearwood. We later expanded our team to include co-host Lyrix Lyrically Inclined, writer (and co-host sometimes) Louise Clarke, TMIT Productions and Owen James Photography, all from the country of Trinidad and Tobago. We explore music that is not touched, or hardly explored by mainstream listeners. We discuss aspects of music business, entrepreneurship and many other things! We are musicians, entertainers, photographers, videographers, anything that speaks media we do. Our goal as a podcast is to expand the listeners ears both globally and locally to industries here in Trinidad and Tobago and internationally as well. For the Most Part, we do this for fun.

Stay tuned for episodes every Friday at 8pm!