In this week's episode, we're having another chat with the gentlemen behind 'Heal Our Land'. Heal Our Land (or HOLA) - Michael Germain, Paul Seaforth and Anthony Duncan. The show was originally recorded in 2016 and headlined local pannist Felix Roach. Performers at this event included members of the Lydians Choir and Frenz In Musik.

The team hopes to put on a series of pre-recorded live concerts once a month, starting in November and ending in March 2022. Like the first show, these concerts will feature tonnes of local talent, including parang groups and folk chorales. Additionally, you can expect expert sound and video editing by Simeon Sandiford.

The team is streaming the show again tomorrow (October 30th) at 5pm EDT. Book your seat here: https://bit.ly/3GxIVH7

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