This week he had the pleasure of sitting down with Gregory Pantin an educator and musician. He is quite the talent who has released a BETA version of his most recent project. Gregory has designed from concept to fruition a practice app that is web-based. It is designed not entirely for musicians, b…

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This week's episode is kinda rad to be very honest. Our host has been a fan of Mariah's ever since she was a young one. The Glitter album played a very important role in her life, in her development as a musician.

Check out our website to hear the full interview:

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What are the roots? Why are some samples used over and over again? This week host Kemi Ible and commentator/writer Louise Clarke dig into some of their favorite samples ever recycled.

What makes a sample?

In this week's episode, we uncover just a few of the most prominent samples used in the mus…

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In Episode 4, we're chatting once again with the breath-taking Jenelle Cook, a vocalist, and member of The Cooks. We'll be discussing their new track and future projects!

Check out their new track, 'Best Life':

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@janberrywrites | Roger Bapti…

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Is it episode 3 already?!

This week, we met with Alexander Evans, is a multifaceted musician from the nation of Belize. At 33, his music career is an inspiring example of hard work and holding on to one's vision. His music has won regional music competitions and he's copped awards for outstanding…

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"We are naturally in a circle...the ubuntu principle of African philosophy....despite we like to talk about we are separate and that Trini doh like Jamaican and Jamaican doh like Trini .....And while we say one thing politically, culturally we have been doing something totally different".

"Rice an…

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As promised, we're back with Season 3!

In our Season Premiere, we met the powerhouse team behind Heal Our Land - Simeon Sandiford, Paulseaforth, and Michael Germain. Heal Our Land was a live concert headlined by acclaimed Trinidadian musician, Felix Roach. It was put on at the iconic Little Carib …

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June 30, 2021

FTMP Vote of Thanks!

Thank you to EVERYONE who has been onboard and a part of this podcast!!!!

We look forward to bringing you even more great content!!!!

We will see you, and we will hear you, for Season 3!!

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Merch and other fun stuff are available throu…

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To wrap up Season two, we found it most appropriate to reach out to two of Trinidad's best! As you saw in Wednesday's episode, we spoke with Advokit productions on his experiences and what he would like to see changed in the industry. So, for today's episode we reached out to the legendary Martin R…

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For this week's episode, we decided to chat with L.L.I about his recent release of the Boombox Freestyle. We briefly covered his story in our blogs and we wanted to chat with him directly about his experience and feedback from the release.

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This week's conversation was a heartwarming one, as we spoke Badblood (Kaylon Alexis) about his creative process and style of music. His music is unique to him, in that he does not use expletives in his music. In addition to being a songwriter and at times a producer, he is also a panman, having pl…

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One of our favorite episodes to date! We had the honor and privilege to speak with THE Advokit Productions! He spoke with us on the moments that defined his career, as well as he shared some advice to the young up and rising producers and engineers in the game!

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This week's episode our production team decided to have a chat on hip-hop as a genre of music as a part of Trinidadian culture and its multifaceted history. For this chat, guest rapper, Cory Kayce was invited to share his thoughts.

Sit back, grab your headphones, and even a snack and enjoy this …

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