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Club Awesome $3USD:

Each Patreon of $3 or more will receive access to:

  • Access to behind the scenes podcast preparations- mini vlogs
  • Sneak peak  photos of podcasts on the day they are recorded
  • Honorable mention on our Podpage site as a Patreon :D
  • Honorable mention on our Facebook page as a Patreon :D

 Producer's Club $10USD:

  • Each Patreon of $10 or will receive all of the previous tier rewards plus:
  • You will receive Early Access to unpublished podcasts.
  • You will be credited as a Producer in our Podcast description.
  • Pride that you are part of this growing experience For the Most Part

Executive Producer's Club $30USD:

  • Each Patreon of $20 or more will receive all previous tier rewards PLUS
  • You will be credited as an Executive Producer on ALL of our podcasts including the descriptions. 
  • You will have exclusive POWER in choosing: categories, artists, and publishing dates.



You can now also donate using Bitcoin/ Ethereum! 

Here are the steps:

1) Make sure to have the Bitcoin/ Ethereum MyWallet install on your device!

2) Simply open your smartphone camera app, and point the camera at the Barcode.

3) A push notification should nudge you to 'Open in Bitcoin/ Ethereum'

4) Select the wallet which you wish to donate from

5) Select the Amount you want, and then hit send!