Aug. 7, 2021

S3 E1 Heal Our Land - The Virtual Concert

First of all.....WELCOME BACK TO THE PODCAST! We kick off Season3 of For the Most Part with a hearty discussion with the gentlemen behind the scenes of "Heal Our Land" the concert. We speak with Paul Seaforth, Simeon Sandiford and Michael Germain about how streaming this breathtaking concert came to be.

Though the concert has come and gone, we encourage listeners to divulge in the clips available through our instagram as well as take a read through the article written by Soundstage Global about the event.

Sponsors: @janberrywrites, Roger Baptiste


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The Curious One & Host - Kemi
The Question Man - Adriel
SMG - L.L.I.
Writer/Pleb - Louise
Producer/Muscle Man - Kyle
Cameras - Owen

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