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Gregory Pantin

Guitarist, music lover, guitar teacher and now app developer.

Gregory's passion for playing the guitar started at the age of 17. His journey with the instrument has exposed him to many technical and musical styles of play, including fingerstyle, rock, blues and calypso.

Currently, he works full time as a guitar teacher, sharing his wisdom and passion for learning and playing with his students. He also plays for church, at weddings, corporate and private events.

Recently, his determination for improvement combined with his past academic experience in computer programming has led him to develop a practice app designed to improve the potential of those who use it.

Gregory continues to grow and still considers himself to be a student of music.

Sept. 18, 2021

FTMP S3 E7 ft. Gregory Pantin

This week we had the pleasure of sitting down with Gregory Pantin an educator and musician. He is quite the talent who has released a BETA version of his most recent project. Gregory has designed from concept to fruition a …

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