March 3, 2023

FTMP S6 E5 ft Adam the Tent Guy

Adam is an experienced entrepreneur who specializes in Material handling & Logistics. He recently blew up on Tiktok for sharing valuable business tips and "Real world side hustles." We explored some of these valuable tips for creatives and entrepreneurs to make their content seen. Guest: Host: Edited by: --- Send in a voice message:

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Adam Keller


Adam Keller is a successful entrepreneur and business owner. He started his party rental company at 22 years old and through hard work and dedication, grew it into a thriving business. In addition to his party rental company, he has expanded into other ventures, including Airbnb and a wedding venue.

With the aim of sharing his expertise and knowledge, Adam started a YouTube channel focused on teaching people about the key principles of starting a successful party rental company. He also created a TikTok account to provide real and actionable ideas for side hustles and businesses, in response to the plethora of bad advice he saw being shared online.

To further assist aspiring entrepreneurs, Adam has created a comprehensive course on how to start a successful party rental company.