Oct. 8, 2022

FTMP S5 E4 ft Moustafa Taco from Alexandria

This week we are joined by Moustafa Taco all the way out in Alexandria! He gave us such wonderful insight into what being a musician and performer is like!

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Moustafa Taco


Moustafa Taco has been building steam since his first EP 'Blood Kiss' came out in 2017 and was streamed in the thousands, but over the course of 2020 the 22-year-old musician has slowed down, consolidated and spent the time discovering his voice, his style, his story. Over FaceTime from the floor of his bedroom in Alexandria, he talks with unbridled enthusiasm at a hundred miles an hour about his sonic influences, his life inspirations, his struggles, his hopes and dreams. He talks like someone who doesn't have a moment to waste not telling the world who he is and why. He talks like someone who knows what they want to say and how they're going to say it.

Hence his thirdcoming Album's title 'Self Love'. The twelve song Album is led by single 'Save Me', an addictive percussion-driven electronic pop number about his anxiety. Elsewhere he explores fear and struggle through a relationship on 'Get Lit', a sense of feeling lost on 'Fallen Angel', aching heartbreak on 'Crying Deep Inside', the perils of love on 'Someone Like Me', and addiction and dependence on 'Soap'.

Born and raised in ALEX, Taco spent little time in the city and more by the coast and up in the city. He grew up playing guitar from the age of twelve and got into piano around the age of 19. Moustafa has spent the past few years writing and recording while finding his musical voice, and he's just getting started. And now he is back after his break with ''Lo Siento'' his first Latin Pop song!