Feb. 25, 2022

FTMP S4 E7- Hey! DJ Part 1

The episode we have ALL been waiting for! This week we have a chat with Mr. Ible (Kemi's Dad) and Uncle "Berry" about samples. We call them "walking hard drives of musical knowledge". The reason being is that they were Dj's (Disc Jockeys) throughout the early 70's, dealing with Vinyls, storing your library of knowledge in your mind, and the use of a Korg Sampler. In order to understand where songs like Latto's Big Energy, Mariah's Fantasy, and even down to other well known artists such as Chris Brown, it is critical to understand how impactful the 70's era and electronic music was on the industry. 

The discussion also extended outward to the bounds of creativity, and using samples strictly for creative purposes and what cost it may have to the owners. 

What other popular songs do you think were sampled? What song have you heard recently triggered a familiar musical memory? Drop a comment and stay TUNED for Part 2, as we drop some other bombshells about Sampling!


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