Jan. 22, 2022

Should artists own their masters? | FTMP S4 E2


Today's discussion is about masters ownership. What does that even mean? The term "master" is a shortened way of referring to a track's master (or original) recording. In the music industry, masters ownership refers to the person or entity with exclusive rights to monetize a song. By monetize, we mean the ability to release it at all - on streaming platforms, the radio, or movie soundtracks. 


Music is probably the most consumed media in the world. Even though songwriters can claim certain creative rights, profits go to those who own the rights to a song. Imagine this: a track costs $0.99 and attracts millions of purchases. The company or individual with its ownership rights is in to collect a fat cheque afterwards, yes? 


What does masters ownership mean for today's artists? We'll be discussing some famous powerhouses who found themselves without full rights to their music and eventually gained these rights. We'll also discuss the value of these rights, both artistically and financially. 


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