April 2, 2022

FTMP S4 E12 ft. Fernando Chillar

Fernando Chillar has been a frequent name on this podcast and his information and contributions have been of extremely high value not just to us, but to you the listeners as well. He has pointed out in this episode two critical points that often artistes, producers, beat makers, arrangers and many more bypass or forget about: Songwriting and Sound, how the rights differ, and why it is important to know which rights you should aim to retain within the creative process. 

The riff and melody all play a significant role in the sound of the finished product, while the lyrics are just one element of the entire entity.

While we know chords and progressions cannot be copyrighted, stay tuned, as more of these episodes are coming as we talk other cases of copyright and whether these cases are infringement and to what degree. 


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