Nov. 6, 2021

FTMP S3 E14 ft. Cory KayCe

This week we feature Cory KayCe. He was a guest on Season 2, to which we gave you the introduction. He "zoomed" with host Kemi Ible this time around to touch base with him regarding his recent release "Breakdown" ft Illusionist and other upcoming projects. Cory also has a podcast on Spotify called Early Morning Moments where he speaks on the daily experiences of life. His podcast looks initially was a means of him expressing himself, but now has evolved into a podcast that other artistes like himself can relate to and find comfort.


Grab some headphones this week as we deep dive into the mindset and emotions of musicians, performers and artists.


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Keron Cory KayCe Crawford


Whilst spending his teen years in New York, Trinidadian born artiste Keron Cory Crawford, developed his appetite for rap, poetry and hip hop. Upon his return to Trinidad, now known as Cory KayCe, he began to create and release his music. Songs such as “The Name” and “Pressure” off of his freshman project “Cory’s Speech the EP”, grabbed the attention of listeners ensuring that “Cory KayCe” would be unforgettable. Cory’s second EP “Crazy Blessed”, showed his versatility in sound on the tracks “Crazy” and “Blessed”. With its hard core rap feel and word play, Cory had taken a step away from his usual poetic rap style. His recent EP “Sunset Dawn” is a masterpiece that speaks to the growth of Cory as an artiste. With plans to release an album in the near future, Cory KayCe is a sensation in the making.