June 11, 2021

FTMP - S2 E23 ft Badblood

This week's conversation was a heartwarming one, as we spoke with Badblood (Kaylon Alexis) about his creative process and style of music. His music is unique to him, in that he does not use expletives in his music. In addition to being a songwriter and at times a producer, he is also a panman, having played for Sangre Grande Chordettes.

As per usual, grab some headphones, a snack or two and enjoy the videocast this evening!

Allow us to connect you to him some more:
'Love Yuh'
'Untamed Mayhem (Crocodile Shark Remix)'

Badblood's Youtube and his IG

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The Curious One & Host - Kemi
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SMG - L.L.I.
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Badblood (Kaylon Alexis)

Badblood (Kaylon Alexis)