May 21, 2021

FTMP S2 E20 - Yung Indie Rock

FTMP S2 E20 - Yung Indie Rock

Yung Indie Rock has been rapping since he left high school. He's inspired by Drake and Kendrick Lamar, but his sound is unique and fresh. Despite his talent, he’s very humble and doesn't take himself very seriously. When he isn't in the studio, he quietly supports humane causes, including the #BlackLivesMatter movement and other anti-racist movements.

Relax and unwind as we have a quick chat with this young, promising artist.

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Check out these fire tracks: Dopamine (Feat. KHAL-XL) | Projection of a Zombie (feat. Da Misfitt)

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The Curious One & Host - Kemi
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Writer/Pleb - Louise
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Yung Indie Rock


I'm Yung Indie Rock

I named myself after my favorite genre in music, I've been recording for seven years and producing for about four years now, my biggest inspirations in music would be from Juice Wrld & xxxtentacion to Paramore and Sleeping With Sirens. I've always loved to listen to music but when I learned how to make music my life changed because I found a place to be myself and talk about things that affect me but I also get to have fun and be honest and free.