May 14, 2021

FTMP - S2 E19 ft Merrique

FTMP - S2 E19 ft Merrique

Martin Vincent Lee Merrique II, better known as Merrique, is a Trini-born hip-hop artiste. According to Merrique, "I was birthed in hip hop. And that will always be a part of my musical journey." This dynamic young man has dropped track after track for some years now, and he names Kanye West, James Fauntleroy II, and Frank Ocean as some of his influences.

He has a huge following on SoundCloud and drops frequent improvs, so you should definitely check it out

You know what to do - get comfy, get your headphones and TUNE IN.

Check out Merrique's latest release - The DNTDDRGS EP.

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Who is Merrique


From his website:


You've never met or heard someone quite like him before; MERRIQUE. Born Martin Vincent Lee Merrique II in the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, this artist is really someone to watch! Think about soulful R&B and classic Hip-Hop coupled with a robust Trini "twang" that makes you double back more than once. That's MERRIQUE for you: A storyteller that uses hypnotic melodies and witty, confident raps to paint pictures of love, loss, religion, reconciliation, sacrifice and so much more. The Trinbagonian spitter first got introduced to music by his late grandmother as a child when she made him join the church choir. Singing became his love at a young age and through seeking and finding, he found Hip-Hop and became a fan of the sport of Rap music. As a student of both Hip-Hop and Soul, he always felt like balance was needed to solidify his sound. He needed to bring the people home—using indigenous words, terms and experiences to spark curiosity and interest from the wider masses. "See how we live in Trinbago and hear our stories... Really zoom in". That's his philosophy. MERRIQUE invites you to take an unusual, musical journey into island life and maybe... just maybe, you'll see ALL THE COLOUR.