May 7, 2021

FTMP S2 E18 - M to the Power of Four Studios.

FTMP S2 E18 - M to the Power of Four Studios.

"What is one mistake that artists make when going into a recording studio?"

"Not paying."

We had a great conversation this week with Zane Lochan and Makesi Jawara Joseph - the driving force behind M To The Power of Four Studios. With Makesi's gentleness and Zane's refusal to speak nothing but the cold, hard facts, these two gave an honest and insightful look into music production in Trinidad & Tobago.

Connect with M4 studios on Instagram, or check out their website.

Grab a seat, a beverage and your headphones!

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From their Website:

M4 LTD, based in Trinidad and Tobago is ready to take Calypso music into the 21st century. Having been in operation for the past 7 years, M4 has already established its brand within the caribbean region. M4 has partnered with local musical icons, that are part of the cultural and musical landscape of Trinidad and Tobago for over 40 years. Under the M4 banner, we have two initiatives .To preserve the vintage sound of calypso and usher in a new and vibrant sound of the younger generation . But that’s just the beginning of M to the Power 4, M4. The all-purpose management and entertainment company wants to re-brand calypso, and is putting an international sound to our well-loved flavours. "FREE-DEM" A liberation of the calypso genre and taking it into the realms of rock , R&B , HipHop and EDM.

M4 Limited is an all-purpose entertainment and management company. M4 was created to help artistes and companies take their product from concept to reality. The dedicated core team is also assisted by a number of strategic and focused service providers, engaged to ensure all our clients are provided with optimum quality in whatever their needs may be. M4’s focus is four fold: Music, Media, Marketing, Management. Other services include Studio Rental, Mixing, Editing, Mastering, Artiste Development, Promotion for Events, Photography, Branding, Portfolio Design, Merchandising and a host of many more