April 16, 2021

FTMP S2 E15 - An Interview with the Cooks

FTMP S2 E15 - An Interview with the Cooks

In this week's episode we talk with Jenelle Cook of 'The Cook's', who enlightens us on the musical journey she and her husband Randy, undertook to share the love of Gospel and good positive music.

The conversation was truly educational and we hope that 'The Cook's' continue to share those positive vibes!

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The Cooks


Randy and Jenelle Cook( aka the Cook's) resides in south Trinidad, St Mary's v'ge. Moruga Rd.
Married 16yrs, 2 kids (1boy & 1 girl)
In Ministry 10yrs +, Jenelle writes & sings
Randy produces and does the music, he specializes in keyboard. Our vision and mission is to Glorify God, see people come to know Jesus and fulfill purpose and destiny through our music. Giving hope to everyone in these uncertain times.We love what we do and we love sharing positivity and the light with others. Much more to come.....