Aug. 22, 2020

FTMP S1 E4- Eshon Burgandy + Special Announcements!

FTMP S1 E4- Eshon Burgandy + Special Announcements!

For this podcast we simply decided to allow his music to speak for itself. There were volumes more that we wanted to speak on however trust us, if you have been feeling the vibes so far up to this point, we believe ALL of these artistes music speaks for themselves.

Eshon Burgandy....What can really say? We were absolutely mindblown by the quality of music, arrangements, lyricism and very happy to see that he has a strong and growing subscriber base.

To see more of his work see the links:


We are also planning to make at least ONE of these podcast a live broadcast at least once per month. Stay tuned to find out which day we will be going live!!!

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