Oct. 16, 2020

FTMP S1 E12 - Kemi Ible

FTMP S1 E12 - Kemi Ible

Kemi began music at the age of 3 under  the tutelage of Dr. Patricia Dardaine - Ragguet. At the age of 11, her mother took Kemi and her brother abroad to live in Azerbaijan for two years. Upon her return she continued to master her skills, and further expanding her skillset to drums, vocals, bass guitar, classical guitar, steelpan and other instruments as well.
Kemi Ible is a music festival winner, teacher, arranger, author, composer, former national champion in the basketball arena. She has travelled the world and Her studio works include, “Road Trip Reloaded- Machel Montano” playing both guitar and bass.

This week Kemi and Host Adriel sat down to discuss her thoughts on Artiste Grants and questioning the fruitfulness of those very said grants.


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