Jan. 11, 2021

The 2020 Takeaway

So let’s talk about what we can takeaway from twenty-four episodes of For the Most Part. For starters we decided to start this blog at the end of the Season 1 to ring in Season 2 on some positive energy.

  1. Lockdown and Quarantine mean more possibility.

Everything is online. Quite literally. So it means that there’s possibility to tap into the online market, be it vlogs, music videos, lessons, everything. Once you have decided WHAT you’d like to do, GO FOR IT. Social distancing has essentially forced the world to embark on a brand new lifestyle of living online. You can now (especially) in Trinidad and Tobago do grocery orders online as well. The pandemic has provided entrepreneurs with businesses and large corporations to maneuver their products to an online setting.

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2. The Online Marketplace has become affordable and competitive.

The thing is that now that essentially EVERYONE needs to operate online, many products are now more affordable than before. For example, last year, most lower end microphone brands were probably at a minimum of $35– $40 USD for one on average (this price may also include shipping). Higher end microphones may be have tipped the scale of $400USD for one. Now that markets are online the prices for both high end and low end brands have dropped, making purchase reasonable for solo startup projects. This is also means that individuals can tap into the market as both sellers and buyers.

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3. Government Assistance

While we await further updates regarding WHAT the government of Trinidad and Tobago will do regarding Grants, what we have seen globally is that governments have given aid both financially and foodwise. What this means is that persons who are not considered essential workers are now out of a job and will require some sort of assistance in order to survive. See our episodes on government assistance.

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4. More ways to connect

If the lockdown hasn’t taught you anything, then the least that it should have opened you up to is how to connect globally. For years now ever since dial became a thing, emails, instant messages, web browsing- ALL OF IT has been made accessible through online medium. With the rise of social media, now, more than ever, we have been encouraged to use websites to connect us around the world. So rather than having to pay upwards if $500USD for travel, and an additional $300USD for room and food, now everything is virtual. With a click of a button, you can receive business opportunity virtually by simply clicking SIGN UP. How wild? I’ve watched corporate business heads who travel almost every week, now sit down in their homes and have business meetings via Zoom with people all over the world!

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So what does this all mean?

Capitalize right now on how much free or low cost technology is on the market! Things like Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, are all free or give you a free amount of time before cutting off. You don’t need the best of gear to start a Youtube channel, or record your music. You’ll find specialists who have made their mark in the business started off with affordable gear or they worked hard for some time before purchasing some midline equipment. Even the best of the best with the most expensive equipment tell you that as a start up if you cannot afford the best right now, start with what you can. Smart phones now have the capability to do just as much as a recording studio or a Canon EOS R or R5.

Get creative.

Utilize free online membership trials.

Use your Smartphone.

Figure out who YOU are, WHAT you want to do, and HOW you’re gonna do it!

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