April 24, 2021

L.L.I- Talks Boombox Challenge Freestyle with FTMP Team

L.L.I- Talks Boombox Challenge Freestyle with FTMP Team

This week's blog post we catch up and talk to our very own L.L.I (Lyrix) about his most recent release: Boombox. We asked Lyrix a series of questions and he sent us his response. Let us just say, we are blown away by his creativity and his humility. Enjoy this interview!


Inspiration for the Freestyle

                     Lyrix's inspiration for the freestyle came about from "seeing a lot of  people hop on the Beatbox Challenge".  The beat is originally by Spotemgotten, a fairly new hip-hop artist rising to stardom in 2020. He explained that he had many challenges, and the biggest one was with himself for not having released any new tracks for 2021, " I had a mental battle with myself over not having any music out for the year at that time ", he said in his interview with us. He said that, "other main projects are in the works still so to keep my audience captivated Isaid , Lyrix why not ? I wrote it in 2 days". 


                    We were curious of the choice of name of the track. "The track was named boombox for 2 reasons. It was a play on the original song being named "Beatbox". The rapper stated that it is personal goal of being "recognized and heard on a wider scale locally", before other major releases happen, hence the name the track being "Boombox". He went on to explain that "no one knew it was coming".  We were also curious to know the inspiration behind some of the lyrics in this particular freestyle. The podcast listeners have already heard some what he has released. We lamented on the choice of lyrics of choice and their context:

"The lyrics were mainly to show my listeners my lifestyle coming up through the struggle as an independent artist ...along with marketing what the trend of the younger society is into , not necessarily pushing a negative agenda. It's just perception of another's truth while showcasing my different flow capabilities . Also as mentioned in the song , I feel underrated so I had to just show people what I'm made of and what I can do"


His Most Memorable Line

"I smell the greatness, I got y'all waiting , don't be impatient , I'm doctoring the beats are my patients I'm doing surgery on the pages " 

"Reason being is because a lot of people been constantly asking me when am I putting out new music , it's been too long etc etc', he voiced, he added, "So that line was to tell my listeners to just be patient with me and releasing. Yes consistency is a key factor in building a following and recognition  however certain things aren't in my control and it's taught me that everyone has their time to shine ...don't rush anything and honestly I have A LOT of music recorded so it's not that I'm being a lazy artist". He reminded his listeners to 'trust the process" and that he has much more in store for us to hear.   

  🎶 Note the word play in those bars😜 the moral of it is , I'm continuously creating , don't mind the wait . 😁


Lyrix has even been working with the founder of FTMP in the studio. He reminisced on the experience, "The entire session was fun I must say with my engineer being Kemi Ible", he stated. He detailed the work experience, "She's good people to be around and her vibe says it all . So with that energy along with her knack for experimenting, the  whole session was great, enjoyed it alot , the engineering work was  a job well done and the chemistry was amazing 🔥🙏🏾a huge thank you goes out to her for working with me on that project🙏🏾🙏🏾". 



         From what we see on his YouTube channel, the video is up in views and lots of comments from his loyal fans and supporters. The reception thus far has good, and the video is being promoted and has received appreciation from a variety of people. The track is currently on Youtube and he plans to have it published to SoundCloud considering that the Freestyle is recorded over a beat to which he doesn't own the rights. He would like have it on many other platforms such as Spotify and iTunes.


Upcoming Releases

We can expect some releases very soon, based on what Lyrix has told us. He anticipates another "freestyle or two"  before any major singles are released.


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