Oct. 13, 2021

Let's Talk: Upcoming Episodes and Seasons!

It has been a riveting experience for the past eight months, since we launched Season 1 of this podcast. Now that

we are in the middle of Season 2, we are welcoming changes and upgrades to our show. 


Format of episode titles:

Our name has been attached to every single episode link that we have shared. We are making a move to abbreviate

the the titles from 'For the Most Part - Season X Episode X ft Artist', to 'FTMP S# E# ft Artist'.


Episode Transcriptions:

Our objective for Season 3 will be to introduce transcribed episodes for individuals who may be hearing impaired. 


The Season 2 Finale: 

We decided that season needed to end with a bang, just like every other season we will produce. We have started

production for the finale. Our plans for the finale include higher quality production, streaming on all platforms, and

possible some video episodes. Stay tuned for more information on that. 



Expanding the TEAM:

In the middle of the Season 2, we decided to expand our teams arms where production and quality is concerned. 





Merchandise Availability and Giveaways:

We have been advertising our merchandise on our webpage for some time now and we decided it is finally time to

make it available to the general public. It will be launched publicly for Season 3 Episode 1 in August.