July 4, 2021

It's Been Almost A Year...

It's Been Almost A Year...

"I created this podcast not for me, but for the artistes who struggled to get a platform to get their voices heard. This was the purpose of my brand. The purpose was to speak my mind and voice those concerns in a permanent way. I've always had a fascination with podcasts that were outspoken, such as the Joe Rogan Experience, Louder with Crowder and many more. These were the kinds of shows that spoke up about things that bothered them and so I decided to follow suit. I am For the Most Part, the voice with the questions." 

- Kemi Ible

We're celebrating two successful seasons of the For The Most Past Podcast. As we approach our one-year anniversary, we've realized how much we've grown. Not just in creating hours' worth of quality episodes either. We've added TMIT Productions and Owen James Photography to the production team. We've grown our audience, and we've made our way through those beginning stages of podcast production. Here's a little of what we've learned since our inception. 

Trinidad & Tobago's musical talent goes beyond soca

This sentiment is held by many, and we can see why. We've met a number of amazing vocalists over these past two seasons. In Season 1, we met with Trinidad-born Greg B, whose 2018 R&B single, Attitude, enjoyed local and international airplay. We interviewed Adam Corneal, also born in Trinidad, about his career as a singer/songwriter based in the US. He has a serious pop/r&b vibe. Other local acts, like Shannon Francois and Aaron Ifill, give us incredible, versatile vocal ability across many genres. Shannon Francois has a sultry, effortless sound and she is best known for soul, gospel, and R&B. Aaron Ifill has a voice reminiscent of classic, 90s R&B legends - he could easily be a long-lost member of Boys II Men. Trinidad & Tobago is full of amazing performers outside of soca, and they deserve some exposure.  

Never forget how much happens behind the scenes 

In this podcast, we try to explore all facets of music and the music industry. We were fortunate to meet with local producers M4 Studios, a talented, no-nonsense duo committed to music production and artist development.  Something that stood out the most to us from this episode was that inexperienced local artists are not always prepared for studio work, or have misconceptions about the mixing and production process. 

On the marketing front, it's important for an artist to have a professional internet presence. Halfway through Season 2, we interviewed Wayne Sealey, the brainchild behind Giftted Creative Company. This locally-based web design company caters to musicians and other creatives wanting to create a professional space to showcase their talents through an online portfolio. What's really cool is that their website also acts as a directory of visual artists, dancers, thespians, and other creatives outside of music. 

What's the way forward, you might ask? Season 3 promises to be a great one. We're launching a merch line for our loyal fans! Look out for a line of t-shirts, masks and more. 

We're embarking on a long-term project to help local artists sell their music. In the beginning stages, we'll focus on the sale of single tracks, and we're hoping to market entire EPs in the near future. We'll drop more about this initiative in a future episode!

In closing, we want to thank our sponsors - Mr Roger Baptiste, JanBerry, and Mr & Mrs Ible. Without their financial and practical assistance, this podcast would not be possible. They have helped tremendously with subscription fees, equipment and the ability to move forward. Thank you for having faith in us!

Season 3 drops on August 6th 2021. Tune in for all-new episodes, all-new music, and all-new creative minds. See you then!