Aug. 8, 2021

For the Most Part Turns 1 Year Old

A word from Kemi 


FTMP – Moving Forward

What is Next for the Podcast?

The first year was entirely about developing a rhythm and schedule to feed and nurture the podcast into a functioning system. We hope to stretch our wings a little more to connect Trinidad and Tobago with the wider Caribbean. This means now using the foundation that we have established to now start building our “house”. We have somehow functioned on the same equipment for one season and with the kind assistance of Mr Baptiste, he was able to support us with an upgrade.

In time for Season 3, we have been researching and working diligently to find the most feasible upgrades to be an even better podcast, and ramp up our content output by almost double. This has been a conversation amongst the team for the past year. How do we continue to be efficient while keeping our high-quality content? We hope within the next few episodes that you get to see and hear what changes have been implemented.


Hopes of Self-sufficiency

Our weekly team meetings always bring this up. How can we develop a system that helps the podcast be non – profit and self-sustained? The good news with this question is that the podcast has most of the foundation “down pat”. We have provided online donation options that allow persons to donate from wherever they are in the world, to FTMP. The hope is that growth over the next year or so, the system becomes fool-proof. Thus far, this podcast has been self-funded by our founder/host and our listed sponsors. We would love recommendations as to how best we can expand these to meet the preferences of potential donors.

Additionally, merchandise will hopefully be made physically available locally so that fans and supporters (here in Trinidad) can buy and donate without the extra cost of international shipping.

Podcast Formats

For right now the method of recording and mixing audio is what we will stick to. While live streams are fun and entertaining, we will not be presenting material live.

“This is because we would like for us as commentators to have our sources correct, and have the ability to vet any information before it goes out to the public. And though we are an ‘opinion’ podcast, we comment on topics that directly affect the entirety of the creative division of Trinidad and Tobago”. - Kemi


         A way to compensate for this decision (currently) means expanding our blog to be newsroom/ newspaper standard, where all our sources will be cited or referenced and quadruple-checked, for safety. Our reporting system will not only be covering local news per se, but it includes major musical reports and events surrounding our country, Trinidadians, and to a greater extent the international industry.


         Our hope is to accumulate news on a daily basis and compile a cohesive report weekly or even fortnightly, that will be spread via all our social media inclusive of our mailing list. This way our podcast can cover news and hot topics through a variety of platforms. We hope soon, that these writings can become an extension of any creative archive system to which people can reference.

Tightening of Partnerships

         For the Most Part has been in close partnership with companies such as Partners for Performance, Chemihaulers Ltd, Sanch Electronix and others. We plan to tighten our relationships with these companies by incorporating them in merch, audio clips and video clips. These partnerships are integral to the podcast’s growth and development over the last year.


For the Most Partthere’s a whole host of things that we would absolutely love to implement right away, but as with each step,we make we are learning that slow progress, is still progress and even with Seasonal implementations, we will still develop and grow.