April 22, 2023

Can WE Survive Virtually?

Today's  discussion was raised amidst conversation amongst our co-hosts on several episodes. We figured that pen to paper, to website would increase awareness of this topic. At some point we plan  to  to have a verbal conversation on the show, however for now as we have started a new year, lets pen it before it gets lost.


Can WE surive virtually? Let's be more specific. Can MUSICIANS and ENTERTAINERS survive virtually for the next few years? 

As musicians and entertainers on this podcast, we have arrived at a quandary. We have thought long and hard about what the next few years may look like. Everything so far has become a virtual session. From meetings, to rehearsals, to concerts, to studio sessions, everything. 

The questions coming out from this is have musicians been able to make money since the pandemic hit Trinidad? Additionally, how much money has been lost in the local entertainment business since the the start of the pandemic?

Here is one undebatable fact: Since the pandemic hit Trinidad and Tobago, the Ministry of Culture has had to issue Artist Grants to aid performers. So, we reached out