Aug. 13, 2021

Across the Seas – One Caribbean

Across the Seas – One Caribbean


A discussion with Dennis Howard Ph.D (Echoes in the Bones).

Who would have guessed that, revisiting our usual collaborative website ( would match us with fellow podcaster, Dennis Howard, host and creator of the well-connected podcast “Echoes in the Bones”. This particular collaboration not just only introduced us to a fellow musical comrade and established lecturer, producer and business owner but it brought us great joy as our conversations with him reflected the very sentiments that we continually express on our Podcast.


Echoes in the Bones, is a podcast that shares its conversations from the greatest of greats, such as Dionne Warwick, Steve Wilson, and Freddy McGregor. Its creator, Dennis Howard to us should be considered one of the most influential voices of the Caribbean.


What makes Dennis unique?

Dennis Howard holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Cultural Studies and Ethnomusicology from the University of the West Indies. He is also a Grammy Nominated Producer who affiliations span a plethora of countries. He has presented his research in countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, Mexico, several Caribbean entities and South Africa.


From our view there’s a major movement and discussion coming out of Jamaica and one of Dennis’ goals for his country and the greater Caribbean is a functional cultural policy. Apart from working diligently to offer training and services to the creative industry, he also runs an online radio station called “Riddim 1 Radio” that plays hip – hop, reggaeton, soca, trap music, dubstep – you name it, the radio station plays it.


He also has a magazine entitled “Riddim Style” magazine that covers an array of music based reports, technology and current events on a global level. We suggest that you follow him on all of his social media, subscribe to his magazine as well as listen to Riddim 1 Radio online!