For the Most Part

For the Most Part

Discovering underground artistes and their styles of music. We discuss production quality, lyricism and musical arrangement. We have also recently touched on aspects of music business, marketing, strategic development, and making social media more of a prominent tool for artistes.




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The Cooks recently released their new gospel dancehall track, 'Best Life'. It has a classic dancehall feel, complete with chanted verses by Randy Cook and supporting vocals by Jenelle Cook. This track was mixed by Randy Cook, mastered by C.J. Perez of C.C.R. Music Studios, and features Kendell Noel, Paul Duntin, and Jason Manswell.

The Cooks are fairly new to the Trinidadian gospel scene and they move from strength to strength with their unwavering faith in God, stellar vocals, and amazing songwriting.

The song has hit Canadian airwaves and has received a great response. When asked about releasing material at a time like this, Ms. Cook stressed that it is important to produce material using the best resources you can afford - your work may be well received regardless! She also stressed that they are aiming for an all-encompassing 'Caribbean' vibe that tickles the ears of West Indians and foreign listeners alike.

We hope you enjoy this week's episode!

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Is it episode 3 already?!

This week, we met with Alexander Evans, is a multifaceted musician from the nation of Belize. At 33, his music career is an inspiring example of hard work and holding on to one's vision. His music has won regional music competitions and he's copped awards for outstanding academic and musical achievements.

We'll be discussing his arrangement of Freetown Collective's 'Feel The Love' which features orchestral and traditional instruments and a motherload of Caribbean talent. We'll also get to know this fascinating gentleman as he talks about the power of music, the power of musicians, and creativity.

Catch the project here:

Alexander Evans Music

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About the Hosts

Kemi Ible

Host, Founder, Creator, and Person In Charge

Kemi Ible started music at the age 3 years learning Piano under Dr. Patricia Dardaine - Ragguet. At the age of 11, she moved with her mother and brother to Azerbaijan for two years. From there music was a first love and there she picked up guitar and began her journey of being self taught.

Upon her return she was enrolled into the International School of Port of Spain, where she continued her music studies, mastering her skills, and expanding her musicianship to drums, vocals, bass guitar, classical guitar, steelpan and other instruments as well.

Known to many as a multi-musician, and multitalented individual who is a music festival winner, teacher, arranger, author, composer, and former national athlete. She has travelled the world to countries like Turkey, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Ecuador and the list continues.

She is an avid performer having worked in both studio and stage. Her studio works include, “Road Trip Reloaded- Machel Montano” playing both guitar and bass.

She has pursued an Associate's at COSTAATT, completed her Bachelors Degree in Musical Arts at the UWI and has returned to read for her Master’s in Education- Inclusive and Special Education. She hopes to further her studies to either Doctorate of Philosophy in Education (PhD), or Doctorate in Education (EdD).

Kemi believes that 'Music connects each and every one person together', and through her Podcast, and music school, Studio, her goal is to give people an opportunity to not just learn music, but walk away with a deeper appreciation for what most would consider to be the Performing Arts.



20 year old Brooklyn rapper Isiah St.Clair aka "L.L.I" (Lyrix Lyrically Inclined) grew up in Trinidad and Tobago .Despite hip-hop not being a primary genre in the multicultural society of the twin isle, Lyrix is still in heavy pursuit of making it out as a rap artist and channeling his message through the art form .Look out for this lyrical artist for he is yet to take the rap game by storm.

Louise Clarke

Louise is an orchestral percussionist and pannist with a passion for all things music. Occasionally, Louise is known to sing contemporary music, covering reggae, r&b, and other styles with a simple yet exquisite sound.

Louise has spent several years in music education and firmly believes that all children ought to be exposed to music, period. While Louise wishes to return to the field someday, she is focused on attending graduate school soon.

Eoin Ible


Eoin Ible, Aspiring Professional Fortnite player, Part time giver of Sage advice, Full Time Digital Marketer

Adriel Shearwood

Adriel got his early start in music through being exposed to his cousins Kemi and Eoin. He started off playing drums with the Band The Flick, during his years at Bishop's junior. He picked up guitar and later began following in his mom, and uncles footsteps (who were the DJ group Network) into the Disc Jockey scene. He along with several other friends, began an entertainment company called, Kurpted Soundz through which they coordinated and promoted some of the largest parties across Trinidad and Tobago. He is now known for being a party promoter, events co-ordinator, businessman and DJ.

Owen James

Cameraman 1